Republic of Cyprus
Marine Accident and Incident Investigation Committee


The MAIC has been established on the 19th December 2013 by virtue of the Marine Accidents and Incidents Investigation Law of 2012 (Law no.94 (I)/2012).

It is an independent Committee responsible for the investigation of all types of marine accidents (casualties and incidents) and it is assisted by the Marine Accidents and Incidents Investigation Service.

The objective of the MAIC in investigating an accident is the prevention of future accidents by establishing its causes and circumstances. Its purpose is not to apportion blame or liability, nevertheless, it will not refrain from fully reporting on the causal factors of an accident, because blame or liability may be inferred from them.

The MAIC is not enforcement or prosecuting body.

The legislative framework under which the MAIC operates is provided in the aforesaid Law N. 94(I)/2012, which transposed the EU Directive 2009/18/EC into Cyprus’s legislation.

Marine accident notifications should be addressed to the MAIC.

    MAIC Contact Details:
    1, Sp. Kyprianou Street24 hour Acc. Reporting Line only + (357) 99 645 707
    Iakovou Building
    Mesa Geitonia, 4001
    Lemesos, Cyprus
    P.O.Box 70764, 3802 Lemesos
    Tel.: + (357) 25 823 717 or 25 823 730 (Office Hours)
    Fax: + (357) 25 305 117

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